Gianni Savoia

 Chief Technology Officer

Co-founder of Logica S.r.l. company with Stefano Savoia, Gianni had always studied and analyze in depth programming and specific Software developing, studying for an informatics and technical education and following various courses in prestigious academies in Modena and Milano for the Knitting Technique (stitches, etc.) in Italian and English. After Logica launch, Gianni did various education courses as a speaker, for the Software developing in Mechanic & Textile sector, boasting high level of specific knowledge and competence. During years, Gianni had moreover deep studied and reach a high level experience on Graphic Programming and Product Design. Gianni is married and has two children, the first one who’s now studying at the University to specialize himself on Software Programming and Calculation, and the second one who’s beginning University specializing in Industrial Programming.


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