Company heart gives the company success. The team let the company grow up in the world.



Stefano Savoia

 Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder of Logica S.r.l. company with Gianni Savoia, Stefano followed from the beginning a course of technical-informatics studies, specializing on programming and beginning his working experience since when he was 17 years old, beginning from a Textile – Knitting company. Gianni and Stefano founded Logica in 1991, operating as specialized Professionals on Mechanic Textile sector, thanks to the deep experience on textile machineries, circulars and flat knitting machines, for knitting, socks, etc. Stefano had grown up his passion for programming and knitting during years, learning a specific knowledge and increasing his own interests for Graphic Programming and Industrial Automation too. Stefano is married with a daughter who is graduate in Economics and International Marketing and she’s specializing in Logica S.r.l., and a son who’s studying to become a specialized and professional operator for industrial machineries.

Gianni Savoia

 Chief Technology Officer

Co-founder of Logica S.r.l. company with Stefano Savoia, Gianni had always studied and analyze in depth programming and specific Software developing, studying for an informatics and technical education and following various courses in prestigious academies in Modena and Milano for the Knitting Technique (stitches, etc.) in Italian and English. After Logica launch, Gianni did various education courses as a speaker, for the Software developing in Mechanic & Textile sector, boasting high level of specific knowledge and competence. During years, Gianni had moreover deep studied and reach a high level experience on Graphic Programming and Product Design. Gianni is married and has two children, the first one who’s now studying at the University to specialize himself on Software Programming and Calculation, and the second one who’s beginning University specializing in Industrial Programming.

Davide Frignani

 General Manager

Davide, actual General Manager and a representative for anyone who contact Logica S.r.l., he joined Logica’s team since from the first years of foundation, after an experience as programmer in a Knitwear factory. He had immediately showed attitudes for the Knitting and Textile sector, reaching in a few time a high level technical and specific knowledge. He’s an essential figure for the company, who’s manage moreover purchases and sells, contacts with final customers for specific requests or assistance and connections as mediator from the final customers and Logica’s programmers.

Roberto Rossetti

 Software Architect

Roberto joined Logica team since the first year of the company foundation, revealing from the beginning great abilities on Software Programming, reached thanks to a big personal passion e thanks to the studies in Informatics Engineering ended a few months before. During years he revealed himself as an essential figure for the core business’ product development, availing himself of collaborators that from some years he manages and coordinates as a Software Architect. After some years he moreover increased his knowledge in Firmware and Electronics for Knitting machines, reaching a high competence and following a lot of courses for the specific formation.

Massimo Tioli

 Software developer

Massimo, specialist in various programming languages, he represents an important figure for various customers in Europe. Thanks even to a very good knowledge in English language, he soon became an essential part of the team and he actually hold a role as main Software Developer, helping Roberto on managing R&D team. Passionate since when he was young on programming, he studied in depth the Knitting machines’ electronics too, gaining high level knowledge and supporting area responsible. Actually Massimo is working on developing new Software projects to reach a growth on shoes market.

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