Innovative software created by Logica, that born on a base version and can be personalized for each company by dedicated setup; in this way it is possible to use it on any machine model, with similar or completely different characteristics.

GRAPHIC DRAW                                                                           MACHINE PROGRAM

The two software’s functionalities are completely integrated each other and it’s possible to support any Windows platform like XP, 7, 8, 10… with any resolution.


The Graphic part of the software is very fast and smart, with the possibility to work with more windows in the meantime, and it’s full of utilities such as functions Copy, multiple copy, paste, geometric functions, Undo, Grid, etc. Even the tools created by Logica are very easy to use and studied for knitting sector and for high level graphic draws. The Logica’s software greatest strength and features consists on offer an intuitive product, easy and fast, that can be used by users without a big experience to create great graphic draws, but it can be used by high level engineers and programmers too, to program and draw specific graphic solutions thanks to their experience.


There’s a Help online support to help the user in any moment, and there are supported Unicode for oriental languages too, everything with the possibility to take a draw from a scanner, print with grid, custom color reduction, etc.

Machine program

About the programming part of the software, it’s possible to choose colors by a special Gallery create by Logica and every automation is worked by Modules that allow a rapid and easy possibility to modify, edit and manage the Integral Garment in a completely automatic way simply calling related Modules.




Modules’ structures created by Logica allows users to use it easily again, obtaining a 40% reduction of number of modules compare with other software and program system.

It’s possible to manage Jacquard, Intarsia with and without Intarsia yarn feeder, cas-off knit, fully fashion (thanks to Shaping function studied and created by Logica).

Software is composed by several innovative function created by Logica, for example the Shaping function, Simulation function, thank to which it’s possible to see a knit test to have the possibility to check parameters and everything concern knitting machine, eventual errors too.

This test shows a Knit Simulation which allows to see a 100% realistic result of the created graphic draw, like when it’s directly on the machine, but being in the computer it’s still possible to change the work.


Thanks to the innovative Shaping function, it’s possible to develop different sizes, adding windows or simply working on the same window, creating different sizes and shapes in an automatic and easy way.

These functions are studied to allow using software to users without al lot of experience too.

Like said above, it’s possible to adapt the system to work with several knitting machine models, in less time than before, thanks to the configurations created by Logica which allows to adapt the program with the machine’s characteristics. Thanks to these specific characteristics, it won’t be a problem anymore to have a new machine model, because the software is adapting automatically.


Modules’ number 40% reduced compare to other Integral Garment systems


Modules’ creation time reduced and simplified.


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