Innovation and automation on the electronic controller for knitting machines created and developed by Logica, which allows the direct control of motorizations and of all the actuators and sensors used on Flatting machines, Bodysize and Circulars in generals. Thanks to this it’s possible to program completely all the working steps and draws edit, directly from the machine, using a graphic interface based on Linux architecture.




Thanks to the open and modular structure, it’s possible to use controller on a wide range of machines.

The use of a field bus (can and bus - owner) for the connection of the carriage and of other devices inside the machine allows the de-localization of the boards and so a great reduction of wiring and cost. The controller will be assembled and will be implemented all the alimentation part and all the part relative to the European safety devices.

Central control unit

Based on an industrial PC with Linux or Windows XP architecture, LCD Touch Screen monitor, Floppy 1.44M, USB, standard serial and parallel. Central unit is complete with a PC-104 board equipped with a powerful microcontroller that manage low range routine on the machine and communicate with remote electronic. Connection between central unit and peripheral unit (actuators, main motor, racking motor etc.) is realized using a Can net. It’s possible a remote machine control too, connecting to the net.




New platform with new users’ graphic interface, completely renovated to reach a high quality level. New functions included like Intarsia, Jacquard, Fully Fashion, Multi Gauge, Integral Garment. Touch Screen display let users work easy and quickly thanks to the new innovative interface created by Logica after years of experience and professionalism on this application.

The software is available on various languages and allows to integrate CAD-LKS developed by Logica, taking the maximum advantage. It’s possible to connect to the net machines too, to control them by CAD-LKS on a PC.  A lot of functions have been integrated directly on the machines too, so both parties can dialogue and integrate easily each other.




Download this file (LKE-INGLESE.pdf)LKE-INGLESE.pdf[ ]86 kB

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