LKS - Vectorial Drawing


OBJECT PATTERN This Software created by Logica works with the fundamental principle of Vector Drawing, that allows to create (manually or automatically) multiple areas transforming it in Objects, with the possibility to personalize each one.

The most important feature consists on the possibility to do reshaping with one or all Objects without any risk to ruin outlines and borders allowing users to create and organize easily Change Size.

It’s possible to create modules for any area, drawing with many tools and create modules, with a lot of stitches taken from the Gallery created by Logica.

There are a lot of features in this program that Logica is constantly developing, like Vectorialize Function that allows to quickly and automatically transform an area into an Object to which it’s possible to apply stitch modules, Multi-Window, Shaping, Create and change Size, etc.

Vectorialize function allows to delimitate an area of any dimension in a quickly way. With a mouse click on the area chosen, the program will automatically recognize it and draw vectors to delimitate it creating the Object. It’s then possible to use other functions like the Pen one to move or delete nodes, or assign a module to the Object, etc.


The Software create automatically the program that can be read and worked by machineries.

The Software is studied as one platform that contains both Object Pattern and Technical part; this allows to process directly from the draw a technical pattern that can contain all the information for the machine to directly produce any pattern.

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