LKS - Simulation


It’s possible to see a high level and resolution result of the pattern and work on it. With the Simulation it’s possible to see a realistic and high defined preview of the pattern created; the program elaborates the technical pattern creating a real simulated one from the stitches to the yarns, seeing the yarn in true colors 24bit.






It’s possible to choose and applicate different yarns to each color on the pattern; this yarns can even been inserted by the users (easily by a scanner for example), and it’s even possible to print the simulation created and see real effects.

Colors can be easily chosen in a Color Folder to have a realistic effect.


This Simulation is connected directly to the Knitting Technical pattern, where it’s possible to manage and develop the product for the machines with all the specific parameters.


There's another Simulation on the Software that allows to work in parallel with the technical pattern’s windows and the related simulated pattern’s windows, seeing a real time realistic preview of the pattern. The software allows to do modifications too, thanks to the Gallery and various functionalities included.


Thanks to this High - Tech instrument, avant-garde on the AUTOMATION sector, it’s possible an incredible reduction of production and develop time of patterns; in fact, it’s no more necessary to materially produce prototypes wasting raw material and time; it’s immediately known production time, in addition to eventual waste material and more. A less expert user too can create and work on pattern in an automatic way and see a real time result.


This Software can be used in a lot of field of application like Shoes, Fully Fashion, Socks, Body, Jacquard, etc., and can be graphically interfaced with any knitting machine model, allowing to escape from long and repetitive operations and going directly from the simulated pattern to the technical knitting pattern and viceversa. It’s possible to work and modify both patterns (technical and simulated ones) seeing results in real time.


Functions and features of the 2D Simulation


  • Change color: it’s possible to choose a specific color for the yarn by using a Folder to generate various color tones and then print them or archive them on any device;

  • Change size: using the Shaping Software* it’s possible to quickly create a complete sizes series, using measures communicated by stylists or designers; 

  • Management of the stitches: the Software give the possibility to manage various stitches taken from Logica libraries using the Stitch Gallery that allows to obtain in a quickly way partial or integral modifications of the pattern, simply dragging stitches on the pattern;












  • Simultaneous management of more patterns thanks to the integrated multitasking management;
    The 2D Simulation function is always developing to follow new market trends and new technologies.
    It’s possible to develop Personalized Solutions with additional functions and special requests dedicated to every customer.

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